Microsoft Camera Codec on Windows 10

I just installed Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview and have been going through and setting up some of my software for testing.  I noticed that Windows isn’t generating previews for my Canon DSLR RAW files (.CR2).  After a quick search, Microsoft Camera Codec pack is needed to generate previews for RAW file types.  I downloaded the Codec pack but it errored on the initial install stating my current operating system was not supported.

To work around this, I downloaded Windows Installer 4.5 redistributable which contains Orca.  Orca allows modification of Microsoft Installation files (.MSI).

I modified the following value indicating a check for OS level needing to be less than 9200 and changed it to an arbitrary 9900.

After saving the changes, I closed Orca and ran the Codec Installer again. This time it ran through installation successfully and a reboot was required. Now I can view thumbnail previews of my .CR2 files.
Hope this helps anyone testing Windows 10 Technical Preview and needing to preview RAW images.

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