Automate Telnet Login in BASH

This method will basically automate telnet login and run a command on a router. It doesn’t use TELNET, it uses ncat. The alternative to this approach would be to use the expect command and create a script. The following command connects to a router via port 23 (telnet port) and issues a sh clock command.

printf “username password sh clock exit " | ncat 23

root@xyzzy:~# printf “admin s3cr3t sh clock exit " | ncat 23 User Access Verification Username: admin Password: cisco#sh clock 12:17:54.924 EDT Mon Jun 2 2014 cisco#exit

Note: I haven’t figured out a method to put a delay before the exit command. So if you have a slow link or you’re requesting a lot of information, like a sh run, it’ll bomb out early.

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