ProEHR Refill Status Codes

I have been working on a report to indicate which refill requests will be coming in the future and I’ve had to do some digging in the database. Found this little nugget of information while working in the HPSITE.REFILL table.

This is HPSITE.REFILL table description followed by HPSITE.REFILL.RFL_STATUS description.

HPSITE.REFILL: This table stores the data related to ordering a refill of a patient’s medication.

HPSITE.REFILL.RFL_STATUS: This column indicates the current status of the refill. It equates to the dict_type of ‘RFLSTS’ in the dictionaries_master.


SELECT * FROM HPSITE.DICTIONARIES_VIEW WHERE DICT_TYPE=‘RFLSTS’ DICT_TYPE DICT_CODE DICT_DESCRIPTION DICT_EXTRAINFORMATION DICT_ORDER DICT_TABLE DICT_ARCHIVED RFLSTS 0 Rejected Called In 0 0 RFLSTS 1 Approved Called In Called In 1 0 RFLSTS 2 Requested 2 0 RFLSTS 3 Rejected 3 0 RFLSTS 4 Approved Filed 4 0 RFLSTS 5 Approved Faxed In Faxed 5 NULL 0 RFLSTS 6 Approved Printed Printed 6 NULL 0 RFLSTS 7 Approved Transmitted Transmitted 7 NULL 0 RFLSTS 9 Approved Dispensed Dispensed 9 NULL 0

This is using current 9.3.034 version of Allscripts ProEHR.

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