Batch rename files using Windows command line.

for /d /r %x in ("*") do pushd "%x" && ren *.eml *.msg && popd

Recently restored about 18k emails in various folders from a PST file which exports as an .MSG formatted file. I then reconverted those .MSG to .EML format. Now, the mail server I’m using requires .MSG extension but .EML format (go figure) so I had to rename all these suckers.

Easiest way was with some command line kung-fu. Luckily the ren *.eml *.msg works otherwise this would have been a bit more complicated.

I also had to rename all the folders and append .IMAP; this was accomplished easiest with:

for /d /r %x in ("*") do ren "%x" "%~nx.IMAP"

Start up diff: vimdiff or vim -d (requires full install not vim-tiny)

If you load up two files in splits (:vs or :sp), you can do :diffthis on each window and achieve a diff of files that were already loaded in buffers
:diffoff can be used to turn off the diff mode.

do – Get changes from other window into the current window.

dp – Put the changes from current window into the other window.

]c – Jump to the next change.

[c – Jump to the previous change.

Ctrl W + Ctrl W – Switch to the other split window.

There has been a recent discovery that affects BIND DNS servers.

A nameserver can be locked up if it can be induced to load a specially crafted combination of resource records.  CVE-2012-5166

To check your version, issue:

named -v

Affected BIND DNS server versions:

  • 9.2.x -> 9.6.x
  • 9.4-ESV->9.4-ESV-R5-P1
  • 9.6-ESV->9.6-ESV-R7-P3
  • 9.7.0->9.7.6-P3
  • 9.8.0->9.8.3-P3
  • 9.9.0->9.9.1-P3

Upgrading to one of the following corrects the problem

  • 9.7.7
  • 9.7.6-P4
  • 9.6-ESV-R8
  • 9.6-ESV-R7-P4
  • 9.8.4
  • 9.8.3-P4
  • 9.9.2
  • 9.9.1-P4
  • You can also work around the issue by setting a view or global option and setting minimal-responses to yes.

    Here’s an example screenshot of BIND9 configuration:

    BIND workaround for exploit

This drove me nuts for a few minutes trying to find the location of the Windows 7 wallpaper as I was trying to migrate a profile to a new user and needed to copy the wallpaper as well.

The path, in Windows 7, is:



I modified the code from NothinButNet’s Glass project on CodePlex to run continuously and monitor for the following windows:

  • PuTTY (putty.exe)
  • Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe)
  • Powershell (powershell.exe)
  • Telnet (telnet.exe)

There isn’t a way to stop it once started other than killing the task (taskkill /f /im glass.exe) or however you choose.

You can pass the original parameters (glass.exe -t:0-255 – 0 being 100% transparent) to it still if you want by either a shortcut or however you want and it will work so you can set transparency level, etc. You can throw it in startup folder to start with Windows or whichever method you prefer.

Here’s a screenshot of default transparency (200):

Download binary file here:
Download source here:

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