Came across a great application that gives you a multi-tabbed Explorer experience. First read about this from a LifeHacker post.

Note:  I am running this on Windows 8 and noticed that if you have Explorer pinned, open it up and then create a new tab and minimize Explorer, when you activate it again, it adds a new tab to the end.  I haven’t tested, but you can probably unpin Explorer to work around this or find the setting in the registry to disable open last folder.  If I figure it out, I’ll update this post.

The application is called Clover 2 and you can download it from their website:

Here’s a screenshot:



A few Keyboard shortcuts:

CTRL-t = New tab
CTRL-w = Close current tab
CTRL-Tab = Navigate through tabs
CTRL-n = n being number of tab to access that tab so CTRL-1, CTRL-2 etc.

You can access the Windows 8 Power User Shortcut Menu by moving mouse to lower left corner of screen and right-clicking.

Here’s the menu:

Lower Left Right-Click Windows 8 Desktop to show Power User Shortcut Menu

Here’s a video demonstration of accessing this menu:

[jwplayer config=”Custom Player” mediaid=”5277″]

I received the following error this morning on my vCenter server after a brief reboot for a few Windows updates:

Hardware Monitoring on This Host is Not Responding

This error is generated when I click on the Hardware Status tab on each Host. I went to Plugins -> Manage Plugins disabled and re-enabled to no avail.

Came across this post at VMware Communities:

Looked at half the suggestions and came to one indicating to restart the VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices.

The Problem

I can’t play my Jazz! I found after installing Winamp in Windows 8 that it appears the Shoutcast browser control isn’t handling (what I think to be) a lightbox advertisement and it prevents you from playing the stream.
[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Update” collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false”]I have installed IE10 on a Windows 7 system to confirm if it was specific to IE10 and after installing IE10, Winamp indeed reproduces the “black screen” advertisement problem… The workaround, however, still works.[/stextbox]

The Workaround

I found a workaround after some trial an error.

  1. Search for whichever station you want in the Shoutcast control in Winamp
  2. When you find the stream you want, click the Star (to the right of the station) to Bookmark it.
  3. Go to the Bookmarks option on the left pane
  4. Now, just double-click your station you bookmarked to play it

Now, back to my Smooth Jazz.

Here are some screenshots of the main options for PC Settings in Windows 8 Preview.


Access the PC Settings by clicking on Settings when you move your mouse to the upper right corner of your screen:


Windows 8 Charms accessed by moving mouse to top right corner of screen.

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