mailto handling

First, backup the registry entry we’ll hack up.


Save the following text to a file and give it a name (whatever you desire) and make the extension .cmd or .bat.
[codesyntax lang=”dos” title=”mailto_handle.cmd”]

@echo off

set email_to=%1
: strip mailto:
set email_to=%email_to:~7%

: ### GMAIL ###
start iexplore ""

: ### YAHOO ###
:start iexplore ""

: ### LIVE/HOTMAIL ###
:start iexplore ""


Then, modify:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTmailtoshellopencommand “Default”

Set the default value to the path where you saved the above script. Make sure you add a %1 at the end also. In my case, I did:

C:usersownerdesktopmailto.cmd %1

Now, go visit and click on the “mailto” link.

If all goes well, you should be composing a new email. Make sure, if IE isn’t the default browser, that you log into the webmail service FIRST before you click a mailto link otherwise you’ll be forced to log in and have to retry the script.

Also, you don’t have to use “iexplore” in the above script, I just did because it’s easy.

When you’re done testing, double-click on your .REG file you created when you backed up the “mailto” key at the beginning… You did backup, right?  😉  This will return your system to it’s default settings for “mailto” handling.

Concept taken from:

If I had more time, I’d expand on the SUBJECT, CC, BODY parts for each but, frankly, I don’t. 😛

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